Snip-n-Drip Garden Row Soaker System HG950-1

Snip-n-Drip Garden Row Soaker System


  • Easy to install
  • Minimize water waste
  • Customize to your garden’s needs
  • Reduce plant disease
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Product Description

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Gardening in neat rows calls for a specific kind of soaker system, and Snip-n-Drip Garden Row Soaker Systems has the solution. By using three-way-connectors, individual lengths of soaker hose can be trailed away from the main water delivery hose, down between each veggie row. This gets the water to the soil and roots of your crops, and keeps water off the leaves and flowers. And that means fewer diseases (like powdery mildew and tomato blight) and better overall pollination.

This kit includes 100 feet of ½” soaker hose, 25 feet of ½” garden hose, one faucet adapter, one quick-connect coupler, three 3-way hose couplers, one hose coupler, and four end caps.


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