Snip-n-Drip for Pots and Planters
Snip-n-Drip for Pots and PlantersSnip-n-Drip for Pots and Plantershg946-snip-n-drip-for-pots-and-planters-786

Snip-n-Drip for Pots and Planters


Product Description

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Adapted for patios and balcony container gardens, this new system renders containers drought proof. It’s great for container tomatoes. The system is fully customizable to suit the specific spacing needs of any container garden arrangement. Simply cut the hose with scissors where needed, and insert a tributary that leads to a length of soaker hose inside the container of choice. This kit comes with: 13’9″ of 1/4” diameter micro soaker hose, 15’ of 1/4” diameter PVC black tubing, 25’ of PVC garden hose, 5 micro T fittings, 5 micro T 1/2” adapters, 1 faucet-hose adapter, 1 water stop flow adapter, and 1 end cap coupler. Assembly is required. The Snip-n-Drip for Pots and Planters system is easily adaptable for use with water timers.


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