Snip-n-Drip 3 Way Connector HG948-1

Snip-n-Drip 3 Way Connector


  • Add extra lengths of soaker hose
  • Run 1 regular line to 2 soakers
  • Customize the Snip-n-Drip system
  • Conserve precious water
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Product Description

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The Snip-n-Drip 3 Way Connector lets you add even more lengths of soaker hose off your main line. Or use them to run one regular hose to two soaker hoses. They make the system even more versatile and customizable which means you are getting water to the SOIL exactly where you want it. Less competition between plants, plus even moisture. By supplying a steady, constant supply of water, you can avoid splitting in root crops, avoid blossom end rot in tomatoes. And you can reduce diseases like powdery mildew by changing from overhead watering to watering with the Snip-n-Drip 3 Way Connector.


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