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Plant Nanny Set of 4 HG006-1Plant Nanny Watering HG007-1

Plant Nanny


  • Water plants while you’re away
  • See when container plants are dry
  • Make use of recycled glass or plastic bottles
  • Available singly or in sets of four
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Product Description

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Insert the terra cotta Plant Nanny ceramic stake near the center of a potted plant, and then fill a used wine bottle (or recycled plastic bottle) with water and invert it into the stake. Water will leech through the terra cotta as soon as the soil dries out, providing water to plants for 7 to 10 days. This makes a clever solution for vacations, and you can see when the water in the bottle is running low. The Plant Nanny watering stake is available singly or in a set of 4. It’s perfect for home or office – wherever there is a forgetful would-be green thumb.


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