Dramm Two Liter Watering Can HG039

Dramm Two Litre Watering Can


  • Perfectly balanced for easy carrying
  • Light weight even when full
  • Adjustable, optional rose
  • Handy two litre capacity
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Product Description

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For the container grower, no tool will be used more often than the Dramm Two Litre Watering Can. The Dramm Corporation has been making high quality, ergonomic watering products for decades. We liked the size and feel of this modest, two litre watering can, but its balance is particularly good. The rose can be adjusted to spray up or down in a fine shower. It’s very simple and well designed. Whether your container gardening takes place indoors or outdoors, you’ll find the Dramm Two Litre Watering Can is in pretty constant use, and it’s light enough to not wear you down, even when it’s full.


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