Dramm Hand Held Watering Revolver

Dramm Hand Held Watering Revolver


  • Ergonomic grip
  • Heavy duty metal body
  • Nine flow settings
  • Gently water seedlings
  • Power washer jet option
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Product Description

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From gentle mist to powerful jet, the Dramm Hand Held Watering Revolver has an ergonmically insulated grip and heavy duty metal body. It will fit on the end of any regular garden hose, and allow for precision outdoor watering. Dramm watering tools are guaranteed for life, and will last longer than other nozzles and spigots. Use the Dramm Hand Held Watering Revolver for watering seedlings, transplants, and all your garden beds. The wide spray will cover a large area, such as a raised garden bed, and the focused hard jet provides enough force to act as a power washer.


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