Seedling Soil ZHG900-1

Seedling Soil (Dutch Treat)


  • Sterilized
  • Holds moisture
  • Drains freely
  • Perfect for seed starting
  • Grower recommended
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Product Description

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Enjoy better success with indoor germination by using this professionally blended premium sterilized Seeding Soil. Excellent moisture retention balanced with good drainage allow moisture and oxygen to flow through as needed. This specially formulated Seedling Soil blend holds its shape well for potting on and protects delicate seedling roots.

Use our sterilized seedling soil for all your seed starting needs, from indoor tomato starts to growing microgreens. Many heat loving vegetables like peppers and tomatoes require a longer growing season than many of us can provide in the north. So starting seeds indoors makes good sense – we nurture them into adolescence indoors and transplant them when the soil is warm enough outside. By beginning this process with sterilized seedling soil, you can avoid contaminating your seedlings with soil dwelling bacteria, mould, and bugs.

This is the best soil for growing microgreens.


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