Sea Soil Container Complete

Sea Soil Container Complete 52L


  • Made in BC
  • Ready for use in containers
  • Excellent drainage
  • All natural ingredients
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Product Description

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Attention container growers and balcony gardeners! Sea Soil is now available as a container mix with a bit of extra drainage, and a milder strength than Original Sea Soil. It’s suitable for direct transplanting, for Veg Trugs, and all manner of container vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Finely screened Sea Soil has been formulated with a precise blend of perlite, coconut coir and azomite to create a complete container mix. It has all the drainage and aeration of the best potting soils, and the azomite acts to hang onto nutrients, releasing them as needed. Each 52L bag of Sea Soil Container Complete = approx. 20kg.

Pickup Special: Order 5 or more bags and receive a 10% discount (pickup only).


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