Container Complete Sea Soil 32L

Container Complete Sea Soil 52L


  • Made in British Columbia
  • Good for containers
  • Does not need to be diluted
  • For fruits, flowers, and vegetables
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Product Description

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From the good people at Sea Soil comes this complete container mix composed of finely screened Sea Soil, perlite, coco coir, and azomite. Use Container Complete Sea Soil 52L directly in pots and containers — blend it with existing potting soil or use it 100% on its own. Azomite acts as a mineral ingredient for larger fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Azomite acts like a sponge, absorbing nutrients in the soil and releasing them over time. This product was mixed with container growing in mind and balances moisture retention with free drainage and aeration. This 52 liter bag weighs approximately 19kg. It’s also available in 32L bags that weigh approximately 8kg. Made in B.C.

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