Compost Thermometer

Compost Thermometer


  • 48cm (19″) long probe
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Check compost health
  • Easy to read dial
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Product Description

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Temperature plays an important role in the composting cycle. This easy to read dial in Fahrenheit scaled from 0 to 220 make temperature reading a breeze. The Compost Thermometer has a 48cm (19″) long probe for testing the very middle of the compost heap. It is stainless steel, so will not rust when exposed to moisture. The ideal temperature range for compost is 57-71°C (135-160°F). At that high temperature weed seeds and insect eggs are killed, resulting in compost that is completely safe to use in a food garden situation. These high temperatures are achieved through the correct layering of green and brown waste in the pile, along with good aeration.

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