Soil Blocker Insert Pins Set
Cube Insert Pins for Soil BlockerHG708B-Nipple-Insert-Pins-IMG_4896HG708C-Dowel-Insert-Pins-IMG_4895

Soil Blocker Insert


  • Nipple pins for small seeds
  • Down pins for larger seeds
  • Cubic pins for soil blocks
  • Interchangable
  • Ideal for the Mini 4 Soil Blocker
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Product Description

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Choose the right Soil Blocker Insert pin for the right job. These insert pins are intended for use with the Mini 4 Soil Blocker. Use the 3/4 inch Cube Insert Pins (HG708A) to create the perfect indentation in the top of your soil blocks. These can receive intact soil blocks from the Micro 20 blocker to expand root space and growing time before final transplant. Or use the Nipple Pins (HG708B) to create an indentation for small and medium size seeds from carrots to Brassicas. For large seeds from beets to cucumbers, you’ll want the Dowel Pins (HG708C). Finally, we offer a collection of all three types (in sets of 4 each) for a special price (HG708D). Please note that the Mini 4 Soil Blocker comes with a set of four Nipple Pins already included.


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