Gaia Steamed Bone Meal 2-11-0 Soil Amendment ZFL342-1

Gaia Bone Meal 2-16-0


An excellent source of phosphate

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Gaia Bone Meal 2-16-0 Soil Amendment has lots of uses in the garden, such as for planting bulbs. This dry fertilizer is carefully formulated with organic materials and rock dusts to exacting standards with attention to sources and their suitability for organic agriculture. The fertilizer blends contain many ingredients to give you micronutrients. When blood or bonemeal is used, it is from Canadian sources. The high phosphorus content of Gaia Bone Meal 2-11-0 Soil Amendment stimulates root growth and mitigates moisture intake. Phosphorus is essential for photosynthesis, which is critical for the health of all plants.


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