Dolomite Lime Soil Amendment ZFL345-1

Dolomite Lime


Dolomite Lime Soil Amendment is a great source to raise the pH of your soil here on the coast! Contains a mix of magnesium phosphate and calcium phosphate.

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Product Description

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It’s very likely that if you haven’t added lime to your soil in the last three years that the soil pH will be acidic if you live near the Coast. Dolomite Lime Soil Amendment covers an area of 300 square feet, and raises the pH (lowers the acidity) to a neutral level more conducive to growing vegetables and other plants. It contains a mix of naturally occurring magnesium phosphate and calcium phosphate. Make sure to lime 3 weeks prior to planting. We recommend liming at least once every three years. Dolomite Lime Soil Amendment can also be used as a component in various organic fertilizer recipes.


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