Replacement Lamp ZHG909

SunBlaster 6400K T5HO Replacement Tubes


ZHG909A – one 24″ tube
ZHG909B – one 36″ tube
ZHG909C – one 48″ tube
ZHG909D – one 18″ tube

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Product Description

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After 10,000 plus hours of use, you may want to replace your T5 tube grow lights with SunBlaster 6400K T5HO Replacement Tubes. We are now able to ship replacement tubes direct to your door. These full spectrum T5 tubes are delivered in rigid blister packing that protects them during shipping. Perfect for any indoor growing program, these lights will enhance the health of houseplants, orchids, and seedling trays. Keep your seedlings stout and healthy by providing ample supplemental light. T5 Replacement Tubes will keep your seedlings growing until the outdoor night time temperature is warm enough for transplanting. And over winter you can grow all the baby salad greens and microgreens you can eat!


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