Reflectors for T5 Tubes

Reflectors for T5 Tubes


ZHG153B – 24″ light & reflector combo
ZHG153C – 36″ light & reflector combo
ZHG153D – 48″ light & reflector combo

ZHG205A – 24″ reflector only
ZHG205B – 36″ reflector only
ZHG205C – 48″ reflector only

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Product Description

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For use with the SunBlaster Grow Lights (ZHG152). Light wieght reflectors that snap in place for easy installation. Reflectors for T5 Tubes Lighting redirect and reflect light from the top of the tube down towards the plants, increasing overall light intensity for better growth. These reflectors feature a NanoTech superior crystal reflective layer, capturing no less than 99.9% of the available light and reflecting it back onto your seedlings. We have used these reflectors extensively to start seeds, on houseplants, and in our retail store, and highly recommend them. If you’re going to invest in grow lights for indoor gardening, go all the way and pick up the reflectors as well.


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