Mini Greenhouse Growing Kit ZHG155-1

SunBlaster T5HO Mini Greenhouse Kit


ZHG155 – Mini Greenhouse, light & reflector
ZHG155A – Mini Greenhouse, light & stand
ZHG155B – Mini Greenhouse, light, stand & heat mat

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Product Description

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The SunBlaster T5HO Mini Greenhouse Kit is great for beginners! It’s got everything you need to start an instant indoor seedling centre. The Mini Greenhouse Kit comes with a double-thick leak-proof base tray, a 6″ vented dome, and an 18″ Tube & Reflector Combo. It’s great for seed starting, houseplants, and growing microgreens! Once seeds germinate, remove dome, and attach light to stand. Adjust the height of the light as the seedlings grow. Use with 24 Cell Plug Inserts if you want to grow seedlings for transplanting into the vegetable garden.

Or opt for ZHG155A – the Mini Greenhouse Kit packed with the Universal T5 Light Stand (ZHG153A). For the deluxe option, choose ZHG155B. It includes the Mini Greenhouse Kit, Stand, and a 10 x 20″ Seedling Warmer (ZHG126).

Sunblaster Complete Indoor Lighting Kit Our customer Valerie sent in this great example of how this product can be used for serious indoor micro-greens production. The three units are linked, so only one is connected to a power source. Thanks for the photo, Valerie!


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