LED Growlight Garden
LED Growlight Garden

SunBlaster LED Growlight Garden


  • Grow food indoors!
  • Energy saving LED lights
  • Grow microgreens
  • New for 2018
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Product Description

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Grow micro-greens and baby greens just about anywhere. Following the success of the Growlight Garden, and due to popular demand, SunBlaster has finally released the new SunBlaster LED Growlight Garden with LED Grow Lights in place of the T-5 tubes. It’s the same model and measurements, but it uses less power and the lights last almost indefinitely. The magic of LED lights is they can produce very intense light without consuming much power. We are very pleased to see this technology becoming available to home gardeners. The kit includes two LED lights, full tray reflector, stand, 4 growing trays, wicking mat, and power cord with on/off switch. All plastic components are 100% recycled. Unit measures 62x40x43cm (24 1/4×15 3/4×17″).


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