Hydrofarm Mini Sunburst ZHG643-1

Hydrofarm Mini Sunburst


  • 150 W grow lamp
  • lightweight, compact
  • super quiet
  • High Pressure Sodium
  • Instructions, hangers, lamp included
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Product Description

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The SBM150S Mini Sunburst from Hydrofarm Lighting is a high output 150 watt grow lamp for indoor growing and seed starting. The unit is easy to hang, lightweight, compact, and super quiet. Unlike other High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, the Mini Sunburst does not give off excessive heat. Bright enough to trigger flowering in fruits, vegetables, and houseplants when suspended 30cm (12″) above. Instructions, hangers, lamp, and lighting recommendations are all included. This unit produces enough light that, if used with reflectors, ventilation, and careful fertilization, one could grow tomatoes and peppers indoors in any climate. The Hydrofarm Mini Sunburst is one of the least expensive, most powerful units of its kind.


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