Cow Pots HG800-1

Cow Pots


Give your seeds a head start by growing and transplanting them in the same pot. Cow Pots Seed Starters are much more environmentally friendly than peat pots, peat pellets, or plastic seed starting trays. Pick up a pack of 4″ or 3″ Cell Cow Pots, and start growing!


Product Description

Cow Pots Seed Starters are an environmentally friendlier alternative to peat pots, Cow Pots are made from composted cow manure fibre that has been aged, sterilized, and pressed into shape. The roots of young plants can easily penetrate the walls of Cow Pots and they biodegrade quickly after transplant, adding organic matter into the soil, right where it is needed. Pick up a pack of Cow Pots, and start growing. Available by the case, (144) great for schools.


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