Deep Brood Box HG051

Deep Brood Box


  • Fully assembled
  • Painted against the elements
  • Includes honey frames
  • Built to suit Langstroth hives
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Product Description

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Made from Ponderosa pine and fully painted for all weather exposure, the Deep Brood Box includes ten 9 1/2″ assembled and waxed deep honey frames with sturdy plastic foundations. Designed to work with all ten-frame Langstroth design hives. The Langstroth design was patented in 1852, and has become the primary industry standard for honey production. This box can be used to expand the size of your hive, and works with the Beginner Beekeeping Kit.

The bottom chamber of a honeybee hive is always used for brood. The queen lays her eggs in the wax chambers, and the colony increases in size. A secondary brood chamber can be added like adding a second storey to a building. If a Queen Excluder is present between the two storeys, the queen remains in the lower brood chamber, and the upper storeys will be used by the hive to store honey. These are known as “honey supers.” Variations can be made to the size of the brood space and the size of the honey space depending on the needs of the beekeeper and the time of year.


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