Beginner Beekeeping Kit HG050

Beginner Beekeeping Kit


  • Includes 1 brood chamber
  • Includes accessories
  • A great introduction to beekeeping
  • Fully assembled
  • Includes instructional DVD
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Product Description

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The Beginner Beekeeping Kit is a fantastic introduction to keeping honeybees. This kit includes one bottom board, one deep hive body, nine deep honey frames coated with beeswax, one entrance reducer, one in-hive feeder, one inner cover, one flat outer cover, one smoker, one 1 lb bag of smoker pellets (fuel), one steel hive tool, and one bee brush. This is enough equipment to get you up and running in honeybee husbandry. The kit also contains a helpful DVD that reviews the simple steps involved with setting up a new hive.

Honeybee colonies are usually acquired in the spring to populate new hives, and may not be available at other times of the year.


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