Tomato Grow Bags

Tomato Grow Bags


  • Price includes three grow bags
  • Washable, easy to store
  • Use anywhere in the garden
  • Great for the patio
  • Grow tomatoes & lots more

Product Description

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Grow healthy tomato plants right on your doorstep. Now you can grow tomatoes in any sunny spot in the garden or on the patio. Patented, double-layer polypropylene will lets the plant roots breathe and drain. These tomato grow bags make the most of limited space. They wash, fold flat, and are easy to store until next growing season. Each package contains three grow bags. The bags have strong handles, so they can be shifted, even when full of soil.

Don’t just use these bags to grow tomatoes! The ample root space means that a host of other vegetables can be raised to maturity in these bags as well. Plant zucchini, peppers, mixed herbs, potatoes, melons, cucumbers, salad greens, and a host of others.

Each bag measures 45cm (18″) deep, and 35cm (14″) in diameter. They hold approximately 40L (10.5 gallons) of soil each.


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