Stacking Tomato Cages HG958-1

Stacking Tomato Cage


  • Assemble as the plants grow
  • Sturdy powdered metal design
  • More effective than regular cages
  • Large 8″ openings
  • Total height: 1m (39″)
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Product Description

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Larger and stronger than conventional cone-shaped tomato cages, the sturdy Stacking Tomato cage can bear the weight of a mature tomato plant, fully loaded with fruit. The cages support plants on all sides (no tying needed) and keep plants up off the ground for better air circulation, cleaner fruit and fewer diseases. Large 8″ openings make harvesting easy, and the cages fold flat for off-season storage. Made from 10-gauge powder-coated galvanized steel wire. Total height: 1m (39″). Don’t grow tomatoes? You’ll find the Stacking Tomato Cage ideal for growing pole beans, climbing peas, sweet, peas, and any other climbing fruit or flower in your organic garden.


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