Ramie Yarn ZHG012-1

Ramie Yarn


  • Super-sustainable
  • Ramie has been in use for 6,000 years
  • Decorative bundle
  • 54.8m (180′) of yarn
  • Great for scrapbooking
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Product Description

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Ramie is harvested from the inner bark of a fast growing member of the nettle family. The plant (Boehmeria nivea) grows so quickly that it can be harvested for fibers up to six times each year, so it’s a highly sustainable resource. This is one of the oldest cultivated fiber crops, and has been in use for at least 6,000 years. Ramie Yarn is hand spun and gathered into decorative bundles. It is fully biodegradable and makes an excellent, all purpose garden tie. Ramie Yarn is very useful for packaging gifts, bookbinding, and in scrap-booking and other crafts. Each bundle has 54.8m (180′) of yarn.


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