Nylon Trellis ZHG508-1

Nylon Trellis


  • Great for vine tomatoes
  • Useful for sweet peas
  • Support cucumbers
  • Use to repel cats
  • Easy to cut to size
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Product Description

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Easy to use, this nylon trellis is great for large plants such as tomatoes, vining squash, melons, and cucumbers. It’s also good as a support for sweet peas, morning glory, nasturtiums, and any other vine forming plant. Simply wind the growing end of the plant through the large 18cm (7″) openings. The soft, white nylon will not decay. Laid on the ground, this product will prevent cats from using your garden as a litter box. Simply let the plants grow up, through the nylon trellis, and protect your valuable soil. It’s easy to cut this nylon trellis to the size you need.


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