Melon and Squash seeds

Melon and Squash Cradles


  • Harvest Perfectly Ripe, blemish-Free Melons and Squash
  • Cradles raise melons and squash off the soil for even ripening
  • Increase air circulation underneath fruit to prevent rot
  • solution to a vexing gardening problem!
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Product Description

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Now you can harvest perfectly ripe, blemish-free melons and squash, even on the coast. This set of six Melon and Squash Cradles raise your fruit off the soil for even ripening and air circulation underneath. Prevent fruit from rotting with this innovative solution to a vexing gardening problem! By elevating cantaloupes, honeydews, small watermelons and squash up off the ground, these ingenious cradles allow air to circulate, promoting even ripening and minimizing rot. If you’ve been disappointed by misshapen melons and squash, or fruits that rot before they ripen, these cradles are for you. Long-lasting and reusable, the cradles nest for compact off-season storage.


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