Knotty Garden Twine ZHG106-1

Knotty Garden Twine


  • 220m (735′) of twine
  • Weatherproof
  • Nearly invisible in the garden
  • A WCS favourite for years
  • Made in B.C.
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Product Description

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Knotty Garden Twine is black and nearly invisible in the landscape. Each roll has 220m (735′) of twine. This twine has been a WCS favourite for years. It’s a roll of tough, 100% nylon, weatherproof twine that is easy to tie and untie. Originally designed for repairing fishing nets, it is a gardener’s best friend. Unlike jute twine, it will not degrade over time, so it’s ideal for long term jobs. We find it superb for supporting tomato vines as they grow, and for tying plants to trellis work. This product is made in British Columbia.


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