Jute Twine ZHG874-1

Jute Twine


  • All natural
  • Looks nice in the garden
  • Biodegradable
  • Use as plant support
  • 61m (200′) of twine
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Product Description

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Sixty one meters (200 ft.) of all-natural, undyed, three-ply Jute Twine. It looks great in the garden, and will eventually biodegrade. Jute Twine is perfect for single season uses, and strong enough to support even heavy loads. Best of all, it looks completely natural in the garden, and does not change colour over time. Use it as a plant support, to tie up trellis work, or tie it between stakes to make a long straight line for planting. Use twine in combination with nails on your raised bed to plan for square foot gardening. Or use it like a pup tent guy line to anchor the ends of your cloche row cover.


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