Green Garden Netting ZHG103 1

Green Garden Netting


  • Use vertically as a trellis
  • Use horizontally to keep flowers upright
  • Use on the soil to foil cats
  • Inoffensive pale green colour
  • UV protected
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Product Description

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Green garden netting is a folded nylon netting in an inoffensive pale green colour that fades into the background of nearly any garden setting. Use it as a trellis for any climbing plants (peas, beans, cucumbers, sweet peas…), or let cutting flowers grow through it to keep them straight and upright. We discovered that netting can also be laid down over soil to foil cats from digging. The plant stems can grow right through it unharmed, but your soil will not be converted to a litter box. This product resists sunlight degradation so it will last for many uses. 6×12′ plastic mesh. 1.6 x 3.2 cm (5/8 x 1.25”) squares.


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