Connects Stretch Cane Connectors

Connects Stretch Cane Connectors


  • Connects bamboo poles
  • Perfect for home made trellis
  • Holds poles fast
  • 8 per pack
  • Clever design
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Product Description

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Bamboo poles make excellent plant supports because they’re very sturdy and they just look really good. But securing them together has always meant binding them with cord or string. Some thoughtful person invented the perfect solution: Connects Stretch Cane Connectors are tough but pliable rubber fasteners with five small holes in each. The larger hole in the centre goes over the main bamboo support, and allows for up to five side braces. The rubber easily stretches over your bamboo supports, but holds them snugly in place. These versatile connectors come eight to a pack. The flexible rubber construction will last for many seasons.


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