Pear Fruit Fly Trap

Pear Fruit Fly Trap


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Product Description

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This Pear Fruit Fly Trap is effective and attractive to look at on your kitchen counter. Handcrafted, sparkling crackle glass sits quietly on the tabletop. The  trap controls those pesky fruit flies. Effective and easy to use, Eco-friendly: no plastic traps to throw away. Includes three packets of non-toxic lure. No one will ever know that this pretty glass pear is an efficient fruit fly trap.  The trap  works like a wasp trap. The fruit flies are attracted by the bait, enter and can’t find their way back out. To use,  just mix a packet of lure with water, remove the top from the pear and pour in the lure. Every two weeks or so, simply rinse out the pear and add a fresh batch of lure — no plastic traps to throw away. Each trap includes three packets of non-toxic lure; additional lures are available separately.


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