Original Waspinator
Original WaspinatorOriginal Waspinator

Original Waspinator


  • Tricks wasps
  • Pesticide free
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store over winter
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Product Description

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When wasps see this product, they detect that a colony has already taken up residence, so they do not linger. The Original Waspinator Wasp Repellent is easy to install and take down, and it works by tricking the territorial insects, not killing them. After all, though they can be a nuisance, all wasps are beneficial garden insects. We like this pesticide free method of deterring wasps rather than causing them harm. In fact, dozens of species of wasps control pest insects in the organic garden, including caterpillars and aphids. We plant dill to attract predatory wasps to our garden. We use the Original Waspinator wasp repellent around the patio and outdoor eating areas.


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