Deer X Protective Netting ZHG507-1

Deer X Protective Netting

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Deer X Protective Netting for gardens and landscaping to prevent deer from choping your hard garden work.

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Product Description

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This Deer X Protective Netting for gardens and landscaping is made from durable, UV-resistant, recycled plastic for a longer life. The 3/4″ mesh prevents deer from chomping your hard garden work. The light-weight fencing unfolds to 2.1 x 30.5m (7 x 100′) and can be used as a fence around vegetables or flowers, or simply draped over plantings. The black plastic is unobtrusive in the landscape.

1 review for Deer X Protective Netting

  1. 4 out of 5


    Discourages deer, bears, dogs, cats, birds, kids, etc. from raiding anything surrounded by, or covered by, this lightweight, nearly invisible, mesh. a deer did try to jump over it and broke through the upper portion, and a bear did the same through the lower part, each of them on one occasion only. The fence was easily repaired by weaving cord or yarn across the rip. The animals never went through it again in spite of continuing to pass through our yard frequently. It protected fruit frees (draped over their arbours). A friend that I recommended it to, used it to protect her young landscape trees and flower beds from deer and cats with great success.

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