Neijiri Scraper Hoe

Nejiri Scraper Hoe


  • Made in Japan
  • Traditional design
  • Perfect for hand weeding
  • Comfortable to use
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Product Description

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The Neijiri Scraper Hoe is made in Japan, following old, traditional designs. By pulling the tool towards yourself in quick motions, the blade runs through the soil and severs the stems of any weeds in its path. The blade is easy to sharpen, and constructed from forged steel. The wooden shaft is comfortable to use. And the hoe is easy to use in tight spots, like between plants or in corners of a raised garden bed. This is a great tool for clearing the weeds out of a small area in very little time. The blade is 12.5cm (5″) long, and the handle is 24cm (9.5″) long.


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