Natural Wooden Nests 28
Natural Wooden Nests 28Natural Wooden Nests 28Natural Wooden Nests 28

Natural Wooden Nests 28


  • Simple design
  • 28 nesting tubes
  • Ideal size for mason bees
  • Mount on east facing wall

Product Description

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From BEE Diverse comes this simple, yet elegantly designed set of Natural Wooden Nests with 28 tubes. The sustainably sourced wood trays are planed so that they fit together snugly, and are held together tightly with a reusable industrial elastic band. The rear is tightly sealed with a flexible material that allows the nests to be separated for cocoon cleaning in the fall. This is intended to be placed inside a bee home so it is protected from wind and rain, ideally mounted on the east side of a house or building so it receives morning sun. It measures 15 x 8.5 x 5.5cm.


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