Mason Bee Starter Cottage
Mason Bee Starter CottageMason Bee Starter Cottage

Mason Bee Starter Cottage


  • Includes 15 nesting tubes
  • Easy to mount
  • Great for kids
  • Bee cocoons sold separately
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Product Description

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The Mason Bee Starter Cottage contains 15 cardboard nesting tubes. In early spring, wild mason bees search for nest sites such as the Starter Cottage. Mason bee cocoons can also be bought and placed inside or near the Starter Cottage. In the fall, the bee cocoons are removed from the tubes for annual cleaning and storage. Replacement tubes are also available. The Cottage measures 10cm wide, 12cm tall, and 20cm deep, (4 x 5 x 8 inches). It comes with a simple mounting bracket attached that allows you to mount it to a wall with a single screw. Height is not critical — set it at eye level so you can watch the bees. Mason bee cocoons are sold separately.

This is an updated design of the Starter Cottage from one that we sold for many years. It no longer has a front door panel, so the nesting tubes are visible. And the mounting bracket is also new and a good improvement. Made in Canada.


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