Mason Bee Scoop ZHG525-1

Mason Bee Scoop


  • Designed specially for the task
  • The perfect size and shape
  • Gently lifts cocoons out for cleaning
  • Useful for big harvests
  • Solid construction
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Product Description

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This Mason Bee Scoop is the perfect tool to remove mason bee cocoons from their nesting tunnels. The curve of the scoop is set to maximize ease of use and minimize damage to cocoons. Mason bee cocoons are harvested from nests in October to December. Directions: Open the Bee Diverse Nesting Trays and set them on a flat surface. Each nesting tunnel contains the smaller male cocoons at the front of the nest and female cocoons at the back. Hold the scoop at a 33 degree angle with the pointed end of scoop at base of nesting tunnel. Gently push and lift scoop to ease mason bee cocoons out of each tunnel. This scoop is 22cm long.


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