Bee Viewing Home
Bee Viewing HomeZHG517A-Bee-Viewing-Home-0X7A9437

Bee Viewing Home


  • Observe mason bees
  • Observe leaf cutter bees
  • Mount facing east
  • Fun and educational

Product Description

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The Bee Viewing Home was designed to provide mason bees and leaf cutter bees with the ideal nesting site, but also to open at the side, revealing the bees’ activities behind a plexiglass panel. This provides a magical, educational opportunity to understand the life cycles of these hard working beneficial insects. Other summer solitary bees may also make it home. Place the Home in a sunny spot, ideally with the entry holes facing east. Mason bees are active in the early spring, while leaf cutter bees get busy once temperatures are above 20°C (68°F). 29 x 23 x 11cm.


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