Tall Fescue, Turf Type

Tall Fescue


  • Drought resistant
  • Grows in part shade
  • Stands up to pets
  • Cold resistant
  • Tougher than grass
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Product Description

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Festuca arundinacea. Turf type. Tall Fescue stands up to traffic, drought, cold, shade, pets, and mowing. It is far tougher than conventional lawn grasses like Kentucky blue grass, but it still makes a lush green lawn. It is commonly used by municipalities for planting recreation fields and school grounds. Use Tall Fescue to overseed existing lawn at a rate of 1.8kg (4 lbs) per thousand square feet. Better yet, seed a new area, with no turf present, at 3.6kg (8 lbs) of seed per thousand square feet. This fescue is a tough perennial. It grows a very deep root system, so does not require the same constant watering that lawn grasses do. Officially, it is hardy to Zone 4, but a sudden onset of very cold weather can interfere with its dormancy, causing winterkill. Sow in the spring or fall (fall is recommended) at a depth of 5-10mm (¼-½”). Because this product does not produce thatch, it is not attractive to the chafer beetle. Fescue can be mixed with wildflower blends or Micro-Clover to cover in an area densely and quickly. It still requires mowing approximately every two weeks in the growing season.

Fescue is also the major component of our Chafer Beetle Resistant Lawn Blend.


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