Chafer Beetle Resistant Lawn Blend
Chafer Beetle Resistant LawnChafer Beetle Resistant Lawn

Chafer Beetle Resistant Lawn Blend


  • Stands up to foot traffic
  • Stays greener longer
  • Will not attract chafer beetles
  • Intended for new lawns
  • Great in urban settings

Product Description

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In late winter, the larvae of the European Chafer Beetle reach their maximum size. For the crows, raccoons, and skunks that feed on them, the timing is perfect — a succulent supply of protein just before spring mating occurs. For homeowners with lawns, there is less reason to celebrate. The animals that forage for the larvae think nothing of destroying well manicured lawn spaces in search of this important food source. So what can the homeowner do?

We have developed our own Chafer Beetle Resistant Lawn Blend as one option. It combines Tall Fescue (Turf Type) with pelleted Micro-Clover seeds. While both of these ground covers will grow in to provide a tough, resilient lawn, neither of them form the thatch that chafer beetles look for when they lay their eggs.

This blend is meant for use with new, bare topsoil, and not for over-seeding existing lawns. Keep the newly seeded area well watered as the seedlings take root. Once established, this lawn will require regular maintenance, but it will stay greener for longer in the summer, and it will stand up to foot (and pet) traffic in areas of full sun to partial shade. Clover goes dormant over winter, and may appear to be dead, so the fescue in this blend will keep lawns looking healthy and vibrant. Seed a new area, with no turf present, by seeding at 3.6kg (8 lbs) per thousand square feet. Seeding over existing thatch is rarely successful.

Composed of 95% Tall Fescue, 5% Micro-Clover.

Tall fescue requires 4.88g N/m² (1 lb Nitrogen/1000 square feet) per year. Micro clover supplies 4.88g N/m² (1 lb Nitrogen/1000 square feet) per year. No further fertilizer is needed.

Will not kill existing chafer beetle larvae

Not a magic bullet – this product makes no guarantee to eliminate chafer beetles. Instead, it is intended to be used as part of an ongoing strategy to resist chafer beetle infestations.


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