Metal Herb Drying Rack

Metal Herb Drying Rack


  • Ships flat, stores flat
  • Looks beautiful
  • Works wonderfully
  • Includes 6 drying hooks

Product Description

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The simple construction of this Metal Herb Drying Rack allows it to fold down to a flat size for storage, but open to allow easy air circulation around bundles of summer herbs. It can be suspended anywhere out of direct sunlight. Six hooks are included. Use it to dry bundles of flower stems for dried arrangements or teas. It can even be used for seed saving if fruited seed heads require drying in the fall. Gather four to six sprigs of herbs and bundle them at the bottom with thread or an elastic band, and hang them upside down from the hooks until completely dry. Aromatic garden herbs will keep their oils, but lose the water content for long term storage. When assembled, the rack is 45cm (18″) tall, with a 38cm (15″) ring.


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