Lettuce Knife
Lettuce Knife

Lettuce Knife


  • Specially designed for lettuce
  • Push forward to sever the head
  • Trim excess with the other blade
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to use
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Product Description

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Commercial lettuce growers use these knives worldwide. The forward edge is used to sever the head from the root, while the bottom edge is used for trimming. This lettuce knife is good for cauliflower and cabbage too. We use this knife in our demonstration gardens and at home now, too. It is perfectly designed for harvesting heads of lettuce, and leaves the root in the ground where it can break down naturally. The trimming blade is perfectly angled to snip off any spoiled leaves that have been in contact with the soil. The stainless steel blade and solid plastic handle will last for years of use.


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