Telesco Weeder
Telesco Weeder

Telesco Weeder


  • Custom length handle
  • Durable construction
  • Sharp stirrup hoe
  • Great for weeding
  • No more bending!
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Product Description

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No more painful bending! The handle of the Telesco Weeder telescopes out to the length that suits you, the user. Now you can weed and cultivate the soil from a comfortable standing position. The handle locks in place at the length you need. The durable steel stirrup shaped blade cuts easily through soil and the roots of weeds, and breaks up compacted soil as you work. You’ll never go back to conventional hoes again after trying out this customizable garden tool. We even like using this weeder in the spring before planting beds. It can be used to integrate lime and rock dust into the soil with a simple back and forward motion.


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