Handy Folding Tool Seat

Handy Folding Tool Seat


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable canvas seat
  • Built sturdy to last
  • Includes garden tool kit
  • Reduces knee & back strain

Product Description

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We love garden gadgets like the Handy Folding Tool Seat invented to reduce knee and back pain! This low, folding, canvas & aluminum stool is light enough to easily carry around. Whenever you need to stop to do more planting or weeding, it folds very simply into a surprisingly comfortable seat. Underneath is a detachable canvas tool bag with twenty pockets to stow your seed packets, trowel, secateurs, phone, and water bottle. It also folds out into a handy carrying basket for weeds or fresh garden veggies. The tool bag secures to the stool with secure velcro fasteners. The Handy Folding Tool Seat helps reduce back and knee pain.


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