Solmate Cotton Socks for Kids
Solmate Socks for KidsSolmate Socks for Kids

Solmate Cotton Socks for Kids


  • Made from recycled cotton
  • Sold in “pairs of three”
  • Wild colours
  • Very warm and comfortable

Product Description

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Fun, recycled cotton socks in wild colours in children’s sizes. Solmate Socks for Kids come in “pairs of three,” just in case one goes missing, but no two socks are the same. Life is too short for matching socks! These warm and comfortable socks are made from castaway cotton scraps from t-shirt manufacturing, so they repurpose the material and keep it out of the landfill. Dress your tyke’s toes in style with the cheery colours and dazzling patterns of Solmate cotton socks for kinds. Fun at Christmas and birthdays, these unique socks make great gifts.


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