Solmate Socks for Babies
Solemate Socks for Babies NG314-2NG314-Solemate-Socks-for-Babies-3

Solmate Socks for Babies


  • All the charm, but in baby sizes
  • Comes as a set of 5 socks
  • Intentionally mismatched
  • Crazy colours
  • 2 pairs plus a spare!

Product Description

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Solmate Socks for babies. Now you can have the same wonderful colors and patterns in socks for babies. These  baby socks come in sets of five: two pairs with a spare. These fabulous, warm, snuggly, colourful but mismatched socks are made from recycled cotton. The baby size comes with five mismatched socks – two pairs plus a spare, for when one mysteriously disappears. Also available in children’s and adult sizes right up to men’s size 12. Super comfortable, eye-catching, and made from recycled cotton – what’s not to love about Solmate Socks for Babies ?


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