Little Helpers Kids gloves

Little Helpers


  • Colourful leather work gloves
  • Sized small for kids.
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Gauntlet protection
  • Washable and long lasting

Product Description

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Colourful work gloves in small sizes for kids. Comfortable leather and cloth, with a gauntlet that fits over the sleeve, these gloves protect smaller hands from dirt and prickles. Little Helpers Kids Gloves are fully washable, durable, and long lasting. Getting children interested in gardening in this day of mobile entertainment can be tough. Give them the tools scaled to their size, and they will feel like they’re sharing important work, and later they can reap the rewards of fresh fruits and vegetables. The tough construction of these small gardening gloves is made with kids’ hands in mind, so they remain comfortable for long use.


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