Child's Metal Wheelbarrow KD160

Child’s Metal Wheelbarrow


  • Child’s size
  • Builds confidence in the garden
  • Allows kids to take part in adult chores
  • Rubber hand grips for comfort
  • Only 81cm (32″) long
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Product Description

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At just 81cm (32″) long, this sturdy child’s metal wheelbarrow is the perfect size for a young person to perform all kinds of jobs around the garden. The rubber handles are easy to hang on to, and the hollow aluminum frame is light enough for kids to haul soil, weeds, toys, and more. The Child’s Metal Wheelbarrow collapses to a shipping size, and is easy to assemble. Kids feel empowered to take part in adult gardening activities, so it’s a great toy taking along to the allotment garden. The wheelbarrow has a sturdy rubber tire, rubber handles for safe and easy gripping, and a red metal body that will stand up to serious play as well as exposure to the elements.


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