Solmate Cotton Socks


  • Made from recycled cotton
  • No two are the same
  • Sold in mismatching pairs
  • Very warm and comfortable
  • A customer favourite

Product Description

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No two Solmate Cotton Socks are the same, so don’t expect a matching pair! These crazy socks are made from castaway cotton materials that are a by-product of t-shirt manufacturing. They are snuggly warm and unusually comfortable. “Life is too short for matching socks!” Available in four adult sizes, plus Socks for Kids and Socks for Babies. We brought Solmate Socks in to our retail store in Ladner one fall, and we couldn’t keep them on the shelf. Now they have become a welcome and familiar fixture here. The verdict is in: people LOVE Solmate Socks. The recycled cotton aspect appeals to us, and keeps a whole lot of cotton out of landfills.


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