Solmate Fingerless Mittens NG209

Solmate Fingerless Mittens


  • Cleverly designed
  • Will keep your hand warm
  • Your finger are free
  • Perfect for outdoor work
  • Mismatched with care
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Product Description

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Following the lead of the hugely popular Solmate Cotton Socks, Solmate Fingerless Mittens are both stylish and practical. They have been carefully designed to keep your hands toasty warm, but your fingers and thumb are free to weed, prune, and use garden tools. They’re just the thing for any outdoor activity that requires dexterity, from sending a text to stirring a coffee. They really do keep you warm without restricting your agility or sense of touch. Blended from 62% recycled cotton, 22% polyester, 15% nylon, 1% lycra. These mittens are flexible and snug-fitting, and “mismatched with care” by the good people at Solmate Socks.


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